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Elite Cruise

Being local tour operator in Halong bay for many years, we have realized that visitors to Halong bay has only discovered one quarter of the total bay and it has long been a touristy area while the remains is rarely explored destinations.
With that in mind, we are delighted to build Elite cruise for serving our valued guests to explore the less touristy, quieter parts of Halong and Lan Ha bays throughout the length of journey with best level of customer service experience possible.


Paddling your own kayak through the emerald waters, exploring why Halong Bay is so unique with an unobstructed encounter of the Bay’s islands, caves.


Halong Bay’s islands and islets are treasures waiting to be explored. Discovering a myriad of magical words formed over millions of years by limestone and water.

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Enjoy the bestexperience at the best price, everytime. We specially offer good prices for family booking and group booking.